Is your home on the market or are you thinking of moving? Is it ready for sale?

It’s Springtime, and everything has started growing, birds in our garden have been pecking away at the moss in last year’s hanging baskets to line their nests resulting in yet another trip to the garden centre for replacement moss. Nature is ready, are you? making sure you home is ready for sale takes time and effort, but it does pay in the end if carried out correctly.

Do you find yourself driving down the road and taking a look at houses and maybe you have a view on how they look? Clean and tidy or weeds in the garden, gravel everywhere, dirty windows, which ones would you be interested in buying?

Time to step into buyer's shoes, grab a pad and pen so you can take notes and start from the roadside looking at your home. Take a long hard look and be critical of what you see, the front door is it clean, if painted would a fresh coat of paint improve it, door furniture (letterbox, doorbell or knocker) clean and sparkling, does the doorbell work?

It is essential to ensure the garden is tidy and clear of anything that really should not be there, bins away if possible and out of sight. Windows, of course, should be clean as well as the frames.

Don’t forget to look up at the guttering are there signs of them overflowing, if so you might want to check them out, because it indicates to a prospective buyer the home may not have been maintained and cost them money to correct.

They may, of course, move onto the next house on their list of viewings and miss yours altogether.

Time to move inside the house open the front door and look at the hallway, clean and clear or regular clutter, rows of shoes overflowing coat rack or children’s toys or just general day-to-day items? You will no doubt have an idea now as to what to look for in every room of your home.

Let’s be clear this is not about your lifestyle, we all use our homes how we want to, and it is not for others to tell us otherwise. It is about getting your home ready for sale and presentable and more importantly for you to achieve your goal of moving on to the next stage of your life.

Here is a short list of areas to consider

Depersonalise. Remove personal effects such as photos and fridge art (e.g. magnets, post-it notes) to make it easier for potential buyers to visualise themselves in your space.

Deep Clean This one is top of your buyer’s list. A clean home gives the right impression.

Clutter Removal Less is more when it comes to selling your home. Store personal items and pack up everything that isn’t essential. By de-cluttering now you will find your eventual move much easier.

Home Damage & DIY If there are areas in your home that need attention it is best to get them fixed before you start showing your home to potential buyers. Painting A fresh coat of paint can make a room look brand new. It gives your buyers the impression that you have looked after your home.

Curb appeal paths and driveway clean and clear. Front door and windows clean and in good order, gutters repaired if required.

Garden weed free well kept and tidy.

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