A Beginner's Guide to Building Your Own Home

Find a plot When looking for a suitable plot of land to build on, all three experts advise registering with a local estate agent first. “Be on every agent’s contact list, so you get the information as soon as it’s available,” says Angus Eitel of fiftypointeight Architecture + Interiors. He also recommends people look for a register on their local authority’s website. “Go to your local council website and search under self build – it might offer you the opportunity to register your interest in potential land. You can specify the location you’re looking for and how much money you want to spend.” Leigh Bowen of 50 Degrees North adds, “Check out a website called Land Insight, which maps potential land opportunities and gives information on such things as ownership and barriers. “Also,” he adds, “there’s nothing as good as getting to know the area and getting stuck in. If you’re searching for the site of your dreams, drive around and look. My wife and I drove around London, looking for plots and getting hold of Land Registry details. It’s adventurous and fun, but very hard work.”

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