Wouldn’t it make a refreshing change if you could engage a professional
individual to sell your house instead of a faceless agency?
Now you can.

The process of selling a property has changed significantly over the last decade. The explosion of online
property marketing means buyers no longer spend their time walking up and down high streets gazing
at agent window displays. It also means that industry competition has intensified and, along with it, the
pressure to sell more. Many traditional agents have responded by tying customers into additional
services such as mortgage advice or conveyancing, or by reducing their overheads. This usually means
less staff looking after more sellers and can lead to a focus on sales targets and have a detrimental
impact on customer service levels.

But change also means that sellers now have more choice than ever before. Of course, many people
still, use a national chain of estate agents or select a local independent ‘bricks and mortar’ agent; others
are increasingly going online and promoting their property themselves, often without realising the
upfront fees are not refundable if their property doesn’t sell. There is another alternative: engaging the
services of a property specialist.

Every option has its advantages. Your choice should reflect how you want the process to work for you.

From the outset, we will take time to provide an honest and professional view of how best to present
your home. That means taking a step back and looking at it through the eyes of a buyer – who will have
a different perspective to you. I will reveal how to showcase your property and achieve the highest
price. The good news is that sometimes relatively simple cosmetic changes make a world of difference
to the level of an offer received.

The service you receive will also be geared towards your needs. That means keeping you updated on
progress and activity at all times. Each viewer is properly verified beforehand which is good for peace of
mind, and you won’t have to show people around your home yourself either. This more personalised
service even means assistance or advice with conveyancing paperwork if needed.

And the overall experience you have will be different too. We make selling your home as stress-free
as possible. You’ll feel comfortable that you have a professional working on your behalf who is
representing your best interests and is also a pleasure to deal with. 

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to target-driven estate agents trying to sell you add-on services
instead of concentrating on selling your property, then it’s time to talk to us.

We can market your property further and wider than almost anyone else. But our real strength comes from our personal touch. It’s why we believe that choosing to sell your home with us could be the smartest decision you ever make.